1. This Week in Three Frames

    Three Frames July 3

    1: Barbecuing / 2: pencils which used to belong to my grandfather / 3: a rainbow out my window. Find me on instagram.

  2. Links + Likes \ June

    I hope that whatever you’ve got planned for this sunny Canada Day weekend is glorious and that you don’t forget to reapply your sunscreen. I plan to go with the flow this weekend which is basically code for “I have no plans”. 

    Here’s the roundup!

    Cresent Moons by Stella Maria Baer

    Everything by Yield Design Co.

    Emmadime’s Studio Tour with Camp Collection

    Snoop Dogg getting his hair done

    The work of Calgary-based video company, Ramble 

    Bio of Bessie Stringfield, “The Motorcycle Queen of Miami

    Kevin Drew’s You in Your Were video featuring Zach Galifianakis

    This wicked illu by my friend Siobhan

    Post Image A Paris scene from Kristi (@deetsies) via Instagram. Type by me. Also of note: I’m going to be changing this column to a once-monthly thing. It’ll allow for more links and cool stuff that can be edited down to only really show you the best!

  3. Links & Likes // May 30

    Links & Likes May 30 Header Image

    All I will say is that I am SO STOKED for this weekend’s sunshine-y forecast! Here’s some stuff from around the web this week:

    50 Ways to get a Job

    Engineer Prints via Photojojo are rad. I have a bunch of film images I’d love to get printed this way. You could also probably get a similar service at your local kinkos if you are impatient (like me). This also reminds me of a project that Fieldguided was doing a few years ago.

    Dear Kate yoga pants. Now, I’m going to give you a little too much information here, but I almost always work out in comando mode. It’s just… better. These pants and shorts are a game-changer; especially after last night when my workout shorts got a hole in the butt mid-group workout.

    This gym bag. I think I found “the one”!

    Twigg’s Bindery via Design*Sponge

    This rug by Mara Hoffman. Sadly not available in Canada.

    The most beautiful tulip installation. I’m so inspired by this one!

    Post image:The vest is from Madewell, but I can’t find the original source, so here’s the pin! I’d love if you followed along with me on Pinterest!

  4. Most Wanted 01: The Stowe

    Based out of Montréal, The Stowe by Molly Spittal is a bag and accessories line hand-crafted mostly with leather and duck canvas. Her clean lines, minimal colour palette, and utilitarian aesthetic are really up my alley.

    She even named a bag after me! Ok, well maybe not after me, but whatever.

    The Katie Tote is, naturally, my most wanted piece from her colleciton, but there are a bunch of other great pieces, too. I was planning on getting a similar bag from Madewell, but I’m stoked to have found a Canadian maker from whom to purchase instead.

    Most Wanted-The Stowe-1

    Most Wanted-The Stowe-2

    Most Wanted-The Stowe-3

    Most Wanted-The Stowe-4

    Most Wanted-The Stowe-5Most Wanted-The Stowe-6

    Most Wanted-The Stowe-7

    Image credits
    1-3+7: The Stowe, 4: Craft & Culture (Jessica Carter), 5+6: thestowe on instagram (right hand image is a regram from Matt Atkinstall)

  5. Without Walls by Urban Outfitters

    Around this time last year I decided it was time to take control of the way I felt about my body and my health, so I joined a gym and started going a few times a week. A year in and I’m still at it and I feel pretty good! Maybe I’ll tell you more about that aspect of my life in another post.

    This post is about clothes.


    One thing that I quickly realized after working out consistently for a few weeks, is that I needed more than one pair of tights and one sports bra. So off I went to the sports store, navigated my way to the ladies section, and quickly panicked because I hated everything. To add insult to injury, I was being asked to fork over the equivalent of three or four nice bottles of wine for pants I was merely going to sweat in.

    To be fair, there have been some alternatives that I found and like: The Gap has a decent body collection, Joe Fresh sometimes pulls through for me, and I have purchased a sports bra from Lululemon, but until I came across Urban Outfitters’ new activewear line, Without Walls, I have never wanted any certain piece of athletic gear.






    I really dig the patterns that are slightly humorous and feminine (that jacket!!!) while still appearing very functional (full disclosure: I can’t see myself ever working out in a crop top, but I may re-evaluate that once my six pack decides to show up). Plus, the prices are reasonable; I’d say they’re on par with lulu or slightly more affordable in some cases.

    Do you have any gym-gear shopping tips? I’m currently on the hunt for a bag and am finding the pickings slim, to say the least!

    Item Info:
    1:Rose Bloom Run Tight, $64 // 2: Lace Print Running Tight, $64 // 3: Alternative Move Keep it Simple Sports Bra, $44 // 4: Tie-Dye Running Hat, $34 // 5: DeFeet x Without Walls D’Evo Sock, $14  //  6: Tie-Dye Dropped Arm Hole Tank, $28 // 7: Cire Run Short, $48 // 8: Tropical Explosion Bomber Jacket, $78

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