1. A Dreamy Tea Party Brunch

    Tea Party Brunch

    Last week my lovely friend Emma asked me to photograph a private tea party brunch she was catering. I was happy to; Emma is a great cook plus she was collaborating with her sister in-law, Chelsea of Chelsea Lee Flowers (also seen here) and our friends at Make Merry Events, so I knew the event would be worthy of documentation.

    Tea Party Brunch

    Tea Party Brunch

    Tea Party Brunch

    Tea Party Brunch FlowersTea Party Brunch Flowers

    Gold-plated flatware, precious vintage dishware, BHLDN bunting, and lace tablecloths paired perfectly with Chelsea’s pink, purple, and fuscia florals.

    Tea Party Brunch

    Tea Party Brunch

    Tea Party Brunch BuntingTea Party Brunch

    Tea Party Brunch

    Emma’s menu included pastries and crudités, a beautiful shaved fennel salad, fish cakes with quail eggs atop, and a lemon curd with blueberry pear compote.

    Tea Party Brunch

    Tea Party Brunch

    Tea Party Brunch

    Tea Party Brunch

    Tea Party Brunch Quail EggsTea Party Brunch Main Dish

    Tea Party Brunch

    Tea Party Brunch

    Tea Party Brunch

    [insert clapping hands emoji here]. Thanks for inviting me to see the day through my lens, Emma!

  2. #BigDayDowntown

    This year’s twist meant that I had to ask my friends and followers for help deciding what to do downtown with the $150 I was given from the Downtown Halifax Business Commission. I put it to a vote and it was a close race between the day I’m about to describe and a day where I set up a home bar with supplies from local shops.

    Thanks to all of my friends on facebook and twitter, in the end I got to have an amazing day downtown visiting some familiar and not-so-familiar businesses to “Treat Myself”. I loved the idea of dedicating some time to thinking about my home bar, though, so look out for a post on that in the near future!

    So - let’s get right into it! My Big Day went a little something like this:

    Two If By Sea Cafe \ 1869 Upper Water Street

    Big Day Downtown 1

    I was so stoked to have a croissant, but by the time I got there, they were all sold out. Instead I had a cheddar and chive scone, which I also really love. Add a cappuccino to the mix and the day was officially started. I love TIBS. It’s somewhere I go almost daily. I’m familiar with the baristas and the coffee and espresso are consistently awesome.

    Big Day Downtown - 2Big Day Downtown - 3

    Big Day Downtown - 4

    Big Day Downtown - 5

    Big Day Downtown - 6

    Big Day Downtown - 7

    Big Day Downtown - 8


    The Flower Shop \ 1887 Granville Street

    After breakfast, Ceilidh and I walked over to The Flower Shop to get treat number two. I have recently bought bouquets from this lovely shop on two different occasions - but both were gifts for other people. This was the perfect opportunity to finally get myself a “just because” arrangement.

    Big Day Downtown - 9

    Big Day Downtown - 10

    Big Day Downtown - 11

    Charlotte was lovely and when I told her I was out on my Big Day, she sprung into action and basically performed magic with the stems right in front of us. She let me in the back work area of the shop to watch and document her process; a total bonus. The Flower Shop’s space is so gorgeous with tall ceilings, amazing detailed mouldings, and a black and white checkered floor.

    They were busy with weddings so I was very grateful she made time for me and my little bouquet. I spent $40 and got an amazing arrangement with ranunculus, purple roses, eucalyptus, spider mums, hydrangeas, and some other beautiful greenery.

    Big Day Downtown - 12

    Big Day Downtown -12

    Big Day Downtown - 13Big Day Downtown - 14

    Big Day Downtown - 15

    Big Day Downtown - 16

    Big Day Downtown - 17

    Big Day Downtown - 18

    Big Day Downtown - 19Big Day Downtown - 20

    Big Day Downtown - 21

    Big Day Downtown - 22Big day Downtown - 23

    I also asked Charlotte for some tips on keeping my bouquet alive longer. She said that Hydrangeas like hot water, so if they start to droop you can take them out of the bouquet and set them in some hot water for an hour or so. They’ll spring back to life and you can re-insert them into your arrangement. Also, clipping the stems every couple of days will keep them going a little longer, but don’t use kitchen scissors. They’ll just crush the stem. Charlotte said it’s best to use a sharp knife or get a pair of garden clippers to cut your stems. Lastly and perhaps most obviously: keep the water clean and fresh. Changing it every day is best.

    I was really excited to hear that The Flower Shop is going to be hosting workshops for the holiday season - Charlotte mentioned a class on wreath-making which I will definitely be attending.


    Urban30 Blowdry Bar \ 1727 Barrington Street

    Flowers in hand, we popped into Urban 30 so that I could make an appointment for later that evening. The bar was busy and had a lot of bookings, but they were able to fit me in at 6:45. That gave me time to head home and get gussied up beforehand. When I went back later I was all dressed and had already done my makeup. I chose “The High Roller” from the menu. Velcro rollers are definitely not something I’d ever be able to do on my own, while a blowout is, so that swayed me to give it a try. My hair length falls into the “tall glass” price range so it was $35 for my blowout.

    Big Day Downtown - 24

    Big Day Downtown - 25

    Big Day Downtown - BeforeAfter

    Big Day Downtown - 26Big Day Downtown - 27

    The process was quick - 30 minutes from start to finish - and my stylist was friendly. They offer coffees and other (non-alcoholic) drinks, but they’re not included in the price of your service. I had water because I knew I’d be indulging in some wine in short order.

    In hindsight, The High Roller probably wasn’t the right choice for me. About three hours after leaving Urban30, the humidity and my hair’s natural vibes had the back all wavy and frizzy; it had sucumbed to the elements faster than I had hoped. By the time I left Obladee to meet friends at Field Guide, my hair was in a ponytail.


    Obladee Wine Bar \ 1600 Barrington Street

    Until last night, it had been a few months since I’d last been into Obladee. I’m so glad I chose this spot as my final destination. It’s a great spot to go with a friend, put your phones away, and catch up. I met my friend Jill there and we each had a couple glasses of wine, some cheese, and charcuterie.

    Big Day Downtown - 28Big Day Downtown - 29

    Big Day Downtown - 30

    For our first round I had The Crusher Grower’s Selection Petite Sirah (Clarksburg, CA \ $8g, $36btl). Jill had a glass of Planter’s Ridge Tidal Bay (Port Williams, NS \ $9g, $40btl).

    Big Day Downtown - 31Big Day Downtown - 32

    We had some St. André (France, cow) and Le Samson d’Ici (Québec, cow) along with Jambon de Bayonne (dry cured, salted ham from France). The boards at Obladee are amazing and come with bread, mustard, pickles, olives, chutney, and a jelly.

    Big day Downtown - 33

    Big Day Downtown - 34

    My second glass of wine was Trapiche Finca Las Palmas Malbec (Mendoza, Argentina \ $9g, $40btl). I much preferred my first glass which was a bit of a revelation for me. I found this Malbec a bit too juicy. If we had stayed for a third round, I would have gone back to my original pick.

    Big Day Downtown - 35We maxed out the DHBC Visa gift cards here and had to dip into personal funds to cover part of the bill, but it was worth every penny. It was much-needed catch up time for the two of us and I was glad I had someone to share this phase of the day with.

    A big thanks to DHBC for having me participate again this year! You can go here to check out all of the posts from other local bloggers who participated in this promo.

  3. One Day in Vancouver

    I took a camera on this trip with the best intentions of taking a whole bunch of photos along the way. I managed to take it out only once; on my first day in Vancouver.

    The day started out with coffee, natch. 49th Parallel was a few blocks away from where I was staying so it was the obvious choice.

    Vancouver Tourism 49th Parallel

    Vancouver Tourism 49th Parallel

    Afterwards I went East from Kits toward my old stomping grounds during my summer there in 2010. So much has changed in the last few years. Main Street south of Broadway has seen a ton of growth and there are lots of cute businesses there now.

    Vancouver Tourism HouseVancouver Tourism Residential Architexture

    Vancouver Tourism

    Vancouver Tourism Flora

    My first stop was Le Marché Saint George. It’s got an oasis-like vibe because it just appears out of nowhere on what is otherwise a completely residential set of streets. It was a bit smaller than I had imagined based on photos I’d seen online of the space, but it was lovely none the less. I ate a crêpe there and felt sort of creepy for taking so many photos.

    Vancouver - Le Marché Saint George

    Le Marché Saint George

    Vancouver - Le Marché Saint George

    Vancouver - Marché Saint GeorgeVancouver - Le Marché Saint George

    Vancouver - Le Marché Saint George

    Vancouver - Marché Saint George

    Vancouver - Marché Saint George

    Vancouver - Marché Saint George

    Vancouver - Le Marché Saint George

    Vancouver - Le Marché Saint George

    Vancouver - Le Marché Saint George

    Vancouver - Le Marché Saint George

    Vancouver - Le Marché Saint George

    Back on Main Street I wandered in and out of stores, heading North. A few notable stops: the Lifetime Collective Little Mountain Workshop, Front & Company, Vancouver Special, Radicle Juice, and 8th + Main.

    Vancouver - Radicle Juice

    Vancouver - Main Street

    Vancouver - Main StreetVancouver - Main Street

    My pilgrimage culminated with a stop at 33 Acres Brewing Co.

    Vancouver - 33 Acres Brewing Company

    Vancouver - 33 Acres Brewing Company

    Vancouver - 33 Acres Brewing Company

    Vancouver - 33 Acres Brewing Company

    Vancouver - 33 Acres Brewing Comapany

    I had a glass of Sunshine and geeked out over how amazing their space is - again feeling pretty creepy for taking a million photos. I so desperately wanted to bring back a growler, but couldn’t seem to find a way that it wouldn’t be a logistical nightmare. I made up for it by going back a second time with a friend and without my camera to try a few more of their great beers.

    Some other spots that I loved during my stay: Rain or Shine, Old Faithful Shop, Oak & Fort, Meat & Bread, Revolver Coffee (they sell and brew Anchored there!), and the Douglas Coupland show at the Vancouver Art Gallery.

    You can see more photos from this entire trip which also included a stop in Calgary on my Instagram and Vsco Grid!

  4. This Week in Three Frames

    Instagram Images by katie_t

    1: Barbecuing / 2: pencils which used to belong to my grandfather / 3: a rainbow out my window. Find me on instagram.

  5. Links + Likes \ June

    I hope that whatever you’ve got planned for this sunny Canada Day weekend is glorious and that you don’t forget to reapply your sunscreen. I plan to go with the flow this weekend which is basically code for “I have no plans”. 

    Here’s the roundup!

    Cresent Moons by Stella Maria Baer

    Everything by Yield Design Co.

    Emmadime’s Studio Tour with Camp Collection

    Snoop Dogg getting his hair done

    The work of Calgary-based video company, Ramble 

    Bio of Bessie Stringfield, “The Motorcycle Queen of Miami

    Kevin Drew’s You in Your Were video featuring Zach Galifianakis

    This wicked illu by my friend Siobhan

    Post Image A Paris scene from Kristi (@deetsies) via Instagram. Type by me. Also of note: I’m going to be changing this column to a once-monthly thing. It’ll allow for more links and cool stuff that can be edited down to only really show you the best!

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