1. Without Walls by Urban Outfitters

    Around this time last year I decided it was time to take control of the way I felt about my body and my health, so I joined a gym and started going a few times a week. A year in and I’m still at it and I feel pretty good! Maybe I’ll tell you more about that aspect of my life in another post.

    This post is about clothes.


    One thing that I quickly realized after working out consistently for a few weeks, is that I needed more than one pair of tights and one sports bra. So off I went to the sports store, navigated my way to the ladies section, and quickly panicked because I hated everything. To add insult to injury, I was being asked to fork over the equivalent of three or four nice bottles of wine for pants I was merely going to sweat in.

    To be fair, there have been some alternatives that I found and like: The Gap has a decent body collection, Joe Fresh sometimes pulls through for me, and I have purchased a sports bra from Lululemon, but until I came across Urban Outfitters’ new activewear line, Without Walls, I have never wanted any certain piece of athletic gear.






    I really dig the patterns that are slightly humorous and feminine (that jacket!!!) while still appearing very functional (full disclosure: I can’t see myself ever working out in a crop top, but I may re-evaluate that once my six pack decides to show up). Plus, the prices are reasonable; I’d say they’re on par with lulu or slightly more affordable in some cases.

    Do you have any gym-gear shopping tips? I’m currently on the hunt for a bag and am finding the pickings slim, to say the least!

    Item Info:
    1:Rose Bloom Run Tight, $64 // 2: Lace Print Running Tight, $64 // 3: Alternative Move Keep it Simple Sports Bra, $44 // 4: Tie-Dye Running Hat, $34 // 5: DeFeet x Without Walls D’Evo Sock, $14  //  6: Tie-Dye Dropped Arm Hole Tank, $28 // 7: Cire Run Short, $48 // 8: Tropical Explosion Bomber Jacket, $78

  2. Links and Likes

    Links and Likes Header

    Well, what do we have here? A links and likes! I know it’s been a while.

    I moved into a new apartment in November and, because of a pest issue, I have to move again. I’m pretty sure I’ve found the place but nothing is set in stone yet, so I have my fingers crossed. Even though I just went through all of this moving business, I’m trying to see the good/fun aspects of a do-over.

    That’ll be the focus of my upcoming weekend. I hope yours is great!


    I love the use of green in this design work.

    Kate Arends’ place is awesome. I particularly like the shelf propped up with magazines. I think I’ll try this in the new place somehow.

    This DIY coffee table.

    The Reluctant Father.

    "I’m trying to figure out what direction I should be moving in".

    These behind the scenes photos of the cast of Freaks and Geeks.

    This tattoo.

    A mother-daughter duo who make the most amazing dresses out of paper and other craft materials.

    The 25 Best Cocktails in NYC Right Now, in GIFS.

    Mike Cummings’ work on Dribbble.

    Herriott Grace just released a bunch of new pieces in the shop. Her father continues to make such beautiful work. I wish I had $500 for a salad bowl. The header image above is their Nova Scotia Scoop!

  3. Emma & Sonny

    I have to say: October weddings are the way to go. It’s not hot outside (but still warm), there are still plenty of sunny days to be had, and your friends likely won’t have to decide between your wedding and their cousin’s as it’s not the height of the season.

    Sonny and Emma pulled this wedding together in less than six months! And that’s another thing I loved about the timing. They were so relaxed and go-with-the-flow because they hadn’t had time to second guess their choices.

    A lot of the elements for the day were DIY and the venue was a perfect fit. Sonny’s sister Chelsea is an amazing florist and her work really shone in the rustic barn. Everyone sat at one long table and ate the meal family style. It was so intimate and lovely.

    There were lots of heartfelt moments at this wedding; the speeches and toasts, friends playing music, the gift of a car (!!), and lots of dancing.





























    I personally find wedding photography pretty intense. It’s a challenge I accept with trepidation; I feel a bit of imposter syndrome when it comes to my level of professionalism and expertise. I always make it through the day on a rush of nervousness and/or adrenaline, however, and once I start editing the images I’m always so grateful for the experience.

    I’m proud of these photographs. I feel they capture Emma & Sonny’s personalities, the love between them, and the beauty of a day shared with family and friends. Thank you Emma and Sonny for trusting me. It really was an honour!

    Vendor Info:
    Venue: Hubbard’s Barn \ Emma’s Dress: J.Crew \ Sonny’s Suit: Mexx \ Florals: Chelsea Lee Flowers \ Emma’s Hair: One Block Barbershop \ Catering: Trellis Cafe

  4. Pick it Back Up

    Christmas Tree Farm 1

    Not even the ceremonial cutting of the family tree could convince me. I just wasn’t interested in Christmas this time. I don’t think it’s a permanent discord with the holidays, there was just something about this year that didn’t hit the right notes.

    Christmas Tree Farm - 2

    Christmas Tree Farm - 3

    Christmas Tree Farm - 4

    Christmas Tree Farm - 5

    We were the first group of people to show up at the farm that day - as planned. We knew it would get really busy. Mid way through the search which took significantly less time than last year’s search, I heard some weird noises from over the hill. 

    Christmas Tree Farm - 7

    It sounded like barking dogs and it kept getting louder and closer. And then, out of the sky came this flock of geese. Squawking. Forming and reforming themselves into mystical flight patterns; fledgling V formations carrying one another through the air with their upwash. A sight to see even in relatively small numbers.

    Christmas Tree Farm - 8

    Christmas Tree Farm - 9

    Christmas Tree Farm - 9

    Christmas Tree Farm - 10

    Christmas Tree Farm - 11


    And then it was a new year.

    I still have goals from last year that I didn’t accomplish, so I’m trying to avoid resolutions in the form of a list, but even still… there is a tendency to want to start things off being better. I’d like to be better at feeding myself and burning the fuel properly and consistently. Better at communicating how I feel, better at not procrastinating while simultaneously being better at not putting pressure on to do too much. Better at “living life to the fullest” which is a pretty big, bullshit phrase. But, you know: we all want to not only live, but feel alive.

    So I’ll document more, savour more, and share more in hopes that when I look back on this next year, I’ll be able to pinpoint some things that made me feel alive.


    Bringing this blog back to life is part of that. I’m going to pick it back up; find creative partners in crime to make things with and people with stories to tell because when I’m sharing with you I feel very alive.

  5. Studio Tour 02: Coeur De Lion

    Coeur De Lion - Header

    I have known Stephanie for awhile. She and I graduated from the same art school. She’s been back in Toronto for a little while now and we’ve stayed in touch (one of those cases where Facebook has actually been helpful). When I decided to visit friends in the Big Smoke for a weekend a few weeks back I got in touch with Stephanie to set up a studio visit because I love her textile work for her label Coeur De Lion and wanted to see everything up close and personal.

    Coeur De Lion - Studio WallCoeur De Lion - Work Table 1

    Coeur De Lion - Shibori 2-4

    Stephanie’s technique is Shibori (immersion and removal) which she sometimes marries with silk screening. Shibori is having a bit of a moment right now and is ubiquitous in the design world.

    She and I chatted about her history with Shibori; it’s a technique she’s been practicing since her time in art school and has since been perfecting and applying to different fabrics for fashion and interiors.

    Coeur De Lion - Screen

    Coeur De Lion - Branded Leather StrapCoeur De Lion - Shibori 4

    Coeur De Lion - StudioCoeur De Lion - Work Table 2

    The timing of my visit was a little unfortunate. I arrived while the Harbourfront Centre studio she works out of was in the middle of a pretty major renovation. Blessing in disguise: it made me focus more on her work and less on her space and enticed us to get out of there and go grab a beer nearby.

    Coeur De Lion - Stack of ShiboriCoeur De Lion - DressformsCoeur De Lion - Dye SticksCoeur De Lion - Shibori Cushion Prototype

    The sun was shining and it was gorgeous outside, so I asked Steph to model one of her newest pieces for me (this scarf is not done justice in photographs… neither is Steph, for that matter — she’s a total babe!). It’s a circle scarf made of the most amazing cozy fabric. I love the raw edges and the muted colours together. So great!

    Coeur De Lion - Steph 1

    Coeur De Lion - Steph

    Coeur De Lion - Scarf DetailCoeur De Lion - Steph 6

    Coeur De Lion - Steph 5

    Steph and I had a really great off-the-record chat over beer and I left our meeting feeling really inspired and revved up. She’s a super talented lady with major hustle and drive. Up next for her: One of a Kind Show, more of the amazing cushions pictured above (that design is a 3x dye bath process!), pocket squares, a couple of really exciting collabs, and a new studio!

    Thanks for having me, Steph. I’ll be back.

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